Holidays already???



Holidays already???


I am sitting here today…trying to put together my list. A list not only for Thanksgiving, but Christmas.  I was reminded that the holidays were coming fast as soon as I walked through the door.  Christmas music is playing on the speakers and I was handed this lovely red coffee cup.  I think it’s a snowman…with music notes.  Pretty cute design…and yes…due to the fact that they chose a snowman and not a Christmas tree this year(although it does look a bit like the jack in the box head???) The design in my opinion, should be able to be used for the next couple of holidays combined.


A family has taken a seat next to me. Two  of the four are left to “wait quietly, while the adults drink their coffee.”  The whining has already begun from the 3 year old. The parents who say “we can’t hear you while your whining"…but can.(and the rest of us can too?)  The couple have just been noticed by a “toddler friend, and their family” who came over to say “hello.” Their 3 year old has just had his hair cut and is smiling from ear to ear…  Their drinks have been ready for a while now, but the parents have not noticed yet.


There are several couples out today…couples of all ages.  There is a mother and daughter sitting in the seats across from me.  Although one can tell they are mother and daughter…they are wearing the same color and close to the same style.  I think that is so funny because my daughter and I do that all the time…come to think of it…my sister and I have been known to do that, on more than one occasion.


The line for ordering drinks is 1…but the line for receiving the drinks ordered is 7?  I can tell that the barista is working as fast as she can, but still, she is having a bit of trouble keeping up with the orders.  She, in fact, is now getting advice from one of the patrons who is waiting for her drink.  She is saying to the barista…that if she holds the milk carton under the steamers for just a second…she will be able to easily squeeze it flat when throwing them away… which seems to me like it just might save the time she is taking stomping them flat so they will fit into the small trash bin.

t’s a busy day today and my coffee is gone, which is my sign to scoot.

until next time…enjoy your day.