Hello friends.

It's been so long.  But I am still drinking coffee and eating doughnuts.  I have located many new coffeeshops.  I will be popping in here when I get the chance.  For now a beautifully bird covered coffee mug will need to suffice.

Enjoy this day.






                Today I had the opportunity to visit my third oldest at work.  He got a job at the same bakery as our newest addition, my daughter in law, Rochelle.  Zana and I have popped in for a bit.  It is a perfect opportunity to say a happy hello to you too dear friends, It's been too long.  For those of you who visit me here in this bloggy place. Thank you! I'm glad you have come.  I am here to do a bit of editing.  I did remember to grab my computer bag...The problem was, it has no computer in it.  Ahem.  It did end up being alright though.  My daughter came by to drop it off for me.  Now she is here to hang out with me for a bit.  I love that! :o)

                The bakery is packed today.  Crazy packed.  It's nice to see this little bakery doing so well.  I have noticed that there is a wide range of older people and younger people.  So the place is buzzing with all kinds of conversations. I see several older couples who have stopped in for lunch. There are some mommies and children also.  I do see one meeting taking place.  It would seem that there is a woman's retreat coming soon that is in the works.  I'm a sucker for a good women's retreat.

                They have just propped open the door so there is a nice breeze blowing by.   The air is sweet, which comes with parking it in a bakery.  Crap, now I'm hungry.  Time to get a sweet to go with my coffee.

See you again soon friends.  Enjoy your day.

The living room...


I love finding new coffee houses.  Ones I've never seen before.  
I recently met with a client in a coffee shop in my area that I never knew was there.  It has great coffee and is a very cool environment, It is filled with comfy couches and dining room table set ups , as well as a cafe table style gathering place in the back. This place is huge.  You would never know it from the outside.  In fact, as I began to ask around to see if anyone I knew had heard about this hidden treasure, only one did.  If you have never heard of "The Living Room Cafe" you should defiantly give it a go.  It is well worth the drive to stop in for a visit.

Now, go and find some new hidden treasures in your area.







IMG_7749 (2)  


IMG_7755     IMG_7752


IMG_7754 (2)    IMG_7756




IMG_7760 (2)




IMG_7766 (2)


IMG_7774 (2)


Had a meeting today.  Not really a meeting, but a social call and a presentation for something pretty great.

We ended up at a pretty wonderful coffee shop.  This place was pretty spectacular.  Two stories, lots of

lap top plugins, great coffee and most of all…the view!


Woods coffee is located right down on the waterfront.  One can sit and watch the ferries go by or sit and enjoy

the sights and sounds of the sea.  Inside there are many places to sit including the second story which is cozy and quant.


There is a wide range of people here.  Lots of fun and laughter happening.  I see at least two meetings taking

place at the moment which is usually a sign of greatness in what is the “hang out” factor.


With it’s rustic wood decor and multi level coziness I could tell as soon as I walked in that this

place was a great and popping place to be.


So if you find yourself in Bellingham and need a place to park it for a while,or you need a place to sit and

enjoy a few moments and a great cup of coffee, pop on in…I know I will be back sometime soon with much more

people watchin’ in mind.


Until then, enjoy your day.



Little red cup


I have a friend , who like me, has a love for coffee.  She, in fact, has tossed around the idea to open up a coffee shop of her own one day.  We have visited several coffee shops looking for what the area might be missing.  We also are in constant "seek" mode to see what works at the shops we visit along with things that don't.

She was the one who found this little shop and so when she asked if I wanted to go back with her of course I did.

I was surprised at how busy this place was.  It is in a prime location with views of a ferry termnial along with cute little gardens to meander through on nicer afternoons.  With it's trademark red cups and quirky decor including a man breaking through the celing? It makes for an interesting place to hang out.

Today I count 3 laptops and several groups of ladies who are lunching.  One group in particular is very loud...but it's a "happy" friendly kind of loud.  I am also surprised with how many men are here today.  This place is pretty cutsy.  But there are still several men.  Two of which seem to be here for a meeting of some sort.

There are two collage aged people using the tables by the Windows.  It seems like  in many of the coffee shops I pop into there are collage aged people by the Windows.  I guess that is better than slinking off into a dark and gloomy corner table.  I, personally, seem gravitate twords the window seats myself, so I do see the draw there.  My friend and I are going to take a stroll through the garden now.

Time to scoot.
Enjoy your day.


Coffee with company

coffee shop 007    

coffee shop 008     coffee shop 014

coffee shop 021     coffee shop 017

coffee shop 024     coffee shop 025

coffee shop 034

coffee shop 033



I have decided that although I do enjoy coffee shopping alone, I enjoy it even more with company.  Today I am joined by Xavier.

He doesn’t usually drink coffee…let me rephrase that, he never drinks coffee. (I know, right???)  I have discovered, however, that he does

enjoy a london fog.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, It is earl grey tea with cream, vanilla, and topped off with foamed milk.


Today we have a window seat.  The sun is very bright.  Lots of foot traffic to watch as we sit.  Many people coming in and out.  Right now I am distracted.

A woman just parallel parked just outside the window and although there is not very many parking spots…she has decided to take up two of them. 


There are three young men at the gathering table today.  They look the collage type.  They are here to enjoy coffee though and have no books.


There is a young lady sitting along the brick wall.  She is studying on a computer.  She is taking notes on a yellow ruled note pad.  My oldest son,

who is in collage this year, also prefers to use those yellow note pads.  Talk about “old school.” 


A couple just came through.  They have gotten their coffee’s to go.  A young lady was sitting across from us.  She was busy on a laptop also when we came in but

she has left now.  I remember seeing her leave because she had a huge bag with her and she was tiny.  Another woman came in.  She opened the little door to our window seat

(that we had closed)  It was odd.  At first we thought maybe she didn’t think anyone was in here, but she was just after a paper sitting on the edge of our counter.


Our barista was awesome.  The coffee was real tasty and done to perfection.  Yum.  Xavier is growing restless…So I think it’s time to scoot.


Enjoy your afternoon.



A moment…

Hello friends.  I have been so extremely busy I haven't had a chance to have any down time.  I can honestly say that I have missed this.
I have decided to make it a point to visit at least one coffee shop a week.  Which means more “coffee and a doughnut” posts to follow.  Today
I was  joined by my daughter who is studying her little bum off.  This is a test to see if she can study here.  I’m not sure if this environment is good today.  The weather
is dreary, which leads to coffee shops being full.  It’s noisy.

There are two gentlemen right outside the door to our favorite window seat.  I think they are on a date.  They don’t seem to know each other very well. 
Across from them there is a group of  4 women doing some kind of “study” together.  They are enjoying their time together.  Much laughter is coming from the group.
Behind them there is a man sitting quietly reading a magazine.  I always notice the magazines sitting on the coffee table in the coffee table area.  They usually
sit undisturbed.  I still enjoy looking through magazines, but I do feel that they aren’t as popular as they once were.

A gentleman just took a seat across from us in the other window seat.  It used to be occupied by two women…one of which was having a birthday. It looked
like they were here to celebrate.  She had a gift.  She seemed to enjoy her time with her friend.  The gentleman who took their place, however, is kind of creeping me out.
His sleeves are either extremely cumbersome, or he is trying desperately hard to get our attention .  Um, awkward. 

There was an adorable family sitting at the gathering table.  They were cute.  It looked like an older couple, and their adult children, out for the day.  They have
now left and put some things into their car.  They then walked down the block which suggests spending some time window shopping.  We were watching them and were
wondering if they were the “hand holding” type.  They were:o)

Ok, maybe the gentleman across from us had turrets?  I won’t be making eye contact sir…regardless.  (hmf)

My coffee is extra good today.  The “good making coffee guy” is working today, which leaves me feeling like maybe that is why it is so busy.  I think
he was the one working the last time we were here when it was so busy.
A young family just walked in.  The dad had his son on his shoulders.  He was about 2 years old with bright red hair, sporting a bat man mask.
Can we just say…ADORIBLE!

Well friends.  I have used up my time here today.  I’ll be back next week.  Goodbye for now.