Spent some time in this coffeeshop.  With it's inspiring messages and it's very clever online password "you matter"...how can you not enjoy spending time in this space.  

I have written about this place before, so you know the coffee is good.  But with it's new location it was even better this time around.

I enjoyed meeting friends for coffee here.  I have even done a few work meetings here. I am not alone.  The place is pleasantly packed.  There are several couples and a few singles here just enjoying time on the internet.  I was greeted at the door by a cheerful ol chap who greeted me with a friendly smile and a cheery "hi, have you been here before?" And "would you like a tour?"  Why yes, sir, I would like a tour.  Each room is filled with vintage style furniture as well as rooms done in the well decked out "living room" style.
 The Living Room in Marysville is well worth the trip out.  So grab a friend and make yourself a coffee date.

Enjoy yorself friends.