an afternoon delight…



fresh coffee



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I’ve had the pleasure of having a wonderful afternoon delight. 

My daughter, who noticed I hadn’t had a chance to go out “coffeeing” lately, treated me to an afternoon out for my birthday.  We went to check out a newer shop.  It was very cozy and the coffee was good.  The other “hook” for this coffee house was “crêpes.”  Crêpes and coffee….uh, ok???

This is a wonderful mix of smooth and sweet.  We had strawberry cream. It was yummy…and we scarfed it down quite quickly (ahem) Yum!

When we first arrived, there were only a few other people there.  A middle aged couple who sat at the  “tall table.”

(note: it would seem that all of the “cool” coffee shops have at least one “tall table.”)

We took our seats close to the fireplace but next to a window.  There was a woman sitting behind us that was on a very large screen lap top computer.  I am not sure why I noticed it, but the size did catch my eye…I found myself wondering why someone needed such a large screen in a lap-top?  I do all the work I need a large screen for at home…I am not sure if I would be interested in hauling a large one around, even if it was portable.  I am left to wonder I suppose.

After our crêpe arrived, we were distracted by it…so distracted in fact that we failed to noticed how busy the coffee shop had become.  It was a weekday and not close to the lunch hour so I am not sure why the “rush” all of a sudden?  But almost every table was now occupied.  We decided to finish our coffee’s and give up our seats.  We were off to do some second hand store shopping and to continue with our lovely afternoon delight.

I hope you all are doing well and have found some coffee shop tales of your own.

Enjoy your afternoon.