Again and again…



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Here I sit…waiting again.  It’s that time of year.  Testing for the kids and waiting for me.  On this day I sit watching a little dog that is wearing a “guide dog” jacket thingy…but due to the size of the dog, and the fact that the owner doesn’t seem to need any “help.” It would suggest that it’s a way for the owner to bring her dog into establishments ???  It’s working…no one has questioned it…(except me, ahem?)

Today is the day that all of the homeschool moms hover over our computers (in manic states of mind) to sign our children up for next years classes. I was successful in getting my children into the classes they wanted…thank goodness.  Oh, the need for the coffee I am here for…thank you mr coffee, thank you!

The place is packed.  Many moms from the homeschool ctr which is located just down the street…join me.  It was also testing day for some of our children.  We all filed into the local starbucks in hopes of getting online to register our kids…double duty day.

There are many other people here today too…like the woman with the dog, as well as a couple who sits at the middle tables.  They are talking together but are speaking very quietly.  There is also a man who is sitting in the corner window spot…headphones in and computer at the ready.  I am also noticing, what looks to me like, a mother and her older son.  They are smiling and enjoying each other’s company…I find myself hoping my boys will still enjoy my company when we are all older…I sure enjoy them now.

Well I have just heard from my daughter who is done testing…time to scoot.

Enjoy your day.