Today I had the opportunity to visit my third oldest at work.  He got a job at the same bakery as our newest addition, my daughter in law, Rochelle.  Zana and I have popped in for a bit.  It is a perfect opportunity to say a happy hello to you too dear friends, It's been too long.  For those of you who visit me here in this bloggy place. Thank you! I'm glad you have come.  I am here to do a bit of editing.  I did remember to grab my computer bag...The problem was, it has no computer in it.  Ahem.  It did end up being alright though.  My daughter came by to drop it off for me.  Now she is here to hang out with me for a bit.  I love that! :o)

                The bakery is packed today.  Crazy packed.  It's nice to see this little bakery doing so well.  I have noticed that there is a wide range of older people and younger people.  So the place is buzzing with all kinds of conversations. I see several older couples who have stopped in for lunch. There are some mommies and children also.  I do see one meeting taking place.  It would seem that there is a woman's retreat coming soon that is in the works.  I'm a sucker for a good women's retreat.

                They have just propped open the door so there is a nice breeze blowing by.   The air is sweet, which comes with parking it in a bakery.  Crap, now I'm hungry.  Time to get a sweet to go with my coffee.

See you again soon friends.  Enjoy your day.