its nice with company…









While waiting for the kids tonight, I was thrilled to be surprised by some company.

I am thrilled to be sitting here with a friend of mine.  It is so nice to be doing some people watching with company.

So here we sit…deep conversation, aware of  people around us enjoying each others company.

I have noticed that the “sound” of this place tonight is real “sing songy” lots of laughter, lots of smiles (myself included)

lots of happiness around us.  It is wonderful to see.


There is a gentleman who is sitting at a table sketching.  I haven't gone to see “what” he is drawing, just the

fact that he is… surprises me. (but I love the idea of it. )


Time has gone quickly tonight…aint nothin’ like good company to help the time pass by quickly.

thank you friend.


(took a peek at the sketch our way out…he was drawing a wolf…beautiful)