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I received a great question the other day…

How does one find a good hang out spot?  Now isn’t that a good question??

When I am out and about I keep my eyes and ears open. I have even found myself

asking people near by if they have a place they recommend (which helps with my communication skills ‘ahem’ )

I am looking for places that have lots of foot traffic outside.  I feel that if

they are busy, they usually have something wonderful to offer and the people watching is good.

I am also looking to see how welcoming a place seems through the window.  I am drawn to clever names…as well

as comfy or interesting chairs, stools or couches.  I look to see what the type of people hang out inside and I find myself

aware of the workers.  I believe if the workers are happy, the business is usually run by a good boss.  That is

something I don’t mind supporting.


These are just a few suggestions on how to pick a new hang out spot.  Your all out of excuses…so get out there.

Grab a friend and go find yourself one.