a few moments…




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Hello friends, I only have but a moment tonight

Although my coffee lid is dangerously close to the seam, which for those of you who know me, it’s

a pet peeve of mine…I have had poor drinking skills lately and do not need any help in the

spillage that usually follows a sip of coffee with the spout of the lid along the seam…(ahem)

I felt the need for coffee tonight for the mere fact of making it home again. I’m beat tired. **sigh**


Soft music is playing tonight…I have found myself swaying more than once, even though it does

sound a bit like elevator music.  A mother and son, both on computers, sit across from me tonight. 

She is doing bills and he is doing what looks like homework… he may just be surfing…regardless, it’s

nice to see them spending time together and not staying at home to do the mundane.


There were two women sitting in the corner.  One thing I have noticed about coffee shops,

people feel free to do… what ever…whether it be laughing together or crying.  One of these women has dropped her head into her hands

and the tears have begun to flow…poor thing.  The other has begun to pray.  How wonderful it is to see one women praying for another,

even in public.


The baristas are busily cleaning and visiting with the one woman who is at the counter…she is in a beautiful cape, I love those.

I love to see people working when it doesn’t seem like there is anything to do.  I have been to a lot of

mainstream coffee shops lately…and it is nice to see that they have hired hard workers.


I got a coffee and a doughnut tonight…my doughnut is gone and my coffee has hit empty.

time to scoot.