coffee and a fritter


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Tonight I am waiting for my boys, and decided to drive down the road to a different coffee shop.

This coffee shop is located in the middle of a new poshy strip mall.  I have driven past,

but never stopped in.  This is a chain coffee shop, so it has all the same things going for it.

The music is an ‘artist of the day.’  The coffee is hot. The mood

has been “set”…. there is a cozy fireplace with comfy chairs (which are taken at the moment or that’s

where I would be sitting.)  There is a huge gathering area with several small wooden tables.  Very inviting.

There are two men sitting behind me.  They are in some kind of “meeting.”  Although one sounds upset, he is keeping his temper

about him.  There are two men sitting in the comfy chairs…both on computers.  There is a woman, way in the corner, also on a  computer

and she has one of those mouse thingy's…I think I want to get me one of those…it seems much easier?  hmmmmm.

An extra friendly woman just entered.  Have you ever noticed that some people carry with them an “I’m here” vibe.

Not only did I glance up to look at her….so did both the men. Even the woman looked up from her computer (even though she

could not see the woman from her seat.)  We are all smiling now…I think that is a good thing :o)

The barista’s are scurrying around.  They keep themselves busy, even though there is no one in line at the moment.

oops, scratch that, another customer just walked in.  She is a young lady, college age…and I find myself

trying to guess where she will sit.  She surprised me…she went for a seat right in the middle of the room, instead of the open seat in the corner.

Two young ladies and a young man  walked in and took a seat.  They are here to study.  They really

like the word “like”…and talk very fast for young in's who aren’t even drinking coffee :o)  They have now been joined

by another young lady and a middle aged woman who I believe is here to tutor them.

Wow…now joined by another young lady…maybe college age?  I think I would have loved to be tutored in a place

like this when I was in school…so lucky.   A slew of people just came in.  Two ladies, they look like friends…it’s a happy visit.

Tonight’s computer count…4 out of 12 people….hmmmm, more people are here to have face to face contact tonight, it’s nice to see.


my cup has hit empty…and my fritter is gone.

time to scoot.