Here I am again…waiting.  There is some kind of “country”music playing tonight.

  I am aware of people tapping their toes.  It’s kind of funny.

There is a middle age man wearing his bluetooth ear piece.  The little blue light is flashing…

it keeps catching my eye.  He was wearing a hat.  It’s off now and sits on the table next to him.

It’s turned over and all of his things are in it…his wallet, keys and such,

I don’t know why I am distracted by it.  It’s seems a bit clever to me.  It’s not like men carry  a purse

or bag to keep all their stuff in?  Unless of course, your that guy from the commercial who

carried the “European shoulder bag??”   Another gentleman sits in the corner,

reading a newspaper.  A young lady sits working on some kind of school work.  She looks about collage age.

I would have loved to have a place like this to come and do my schoolwork when I was in collage.

A young couple just walked in.  I think they are “regulars”…they were known by name.  (and

now the theme to”cheers” is running through my head.)


on that note…I bid you good day, time to scoot.