a bakery

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On this day I went to the local bakery.   I ordered a coffee and a doughnut and took a seat. 

  It was very busy.  What was the one constant in all the orders?  coffee. ( I see I’m not alone.)

    I chose my favorite spot, the leather couch way in the back.  The

prime “people watching spot.”  Just then my friend called, decided  to meet me for some good

old fashioned  people watching and a bite to eat.


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We shared a cup of soup and a sandwich.  Ham and swiss.  Boy was it tasty. 

I could have eaten the entire thing, but I did just have coffee and a doughnut.  (ahem) 

The food here is good.  There was a lot to choose from today, but I did notice, the later it got

the less there was to choose from.  I’ll bet there were even more choices during the breakfast hour?

I’ll need to save up my pennies and find out.

My friend and I noticed that there are differences  between “coffee shops” (especially main stream ones)

and bakeries.  In coffee shops, there are many young folks and most of them are

on computers.  This bakery is located in the old part of town with no wifi, in fact, I will need to write this up and send it later.  

At bakeries, it’s main crowd seems to be the older generation.  They are here to have face to face contact over

a cup of coffee and a doughnut. 

I enjoyed my time here.