I smell coffee…




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Coffee…it’s is a smell that hits me as I walk in the door. Aaahhhhhh, such comfort, such delight. A welcomed friend after a long and trying day. I stand with anticipation as I step into the line today. I only had time for one cup earlier, due to a busy schedule. “what can I get you” the barista says cheerfully…”a vanilla latte. ” I am a creature of habit and my drink usually shows it. Why change a good thing? Why, I ask you, why???

I am here today with company. My daughter, once again, has joined me in my new obsession. Today we are joined by my niece, Madi. It was her birthday yesterday, a Valentine’s day baby who is all grown up now. We enjoy her company. We are all sitting with laptops but laughing out loud at a silly site (the confused German guy) Have you seen this guy? He takes literal to a whole new level. And yes, I do now cringe when my friends call me ‘literal’ (ahem.)

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The coffee here comes with “coffee art” on the top of the foam. Mine came with three hearts…lovely!, just lovely!!! I almost hate to drink it…but I will! There are several other people here today. Two young men, also on laptops, just left. Two women sit next to us. They look like old friends. A mother and a young lady who I am assuming is her daughter, and it looks like a grandma is with them. What a nice afternoon out. It reminds me of days I used to spend out with my mother. Days I should have been in school…(ahem) Must have been a dentist apt. day…yup, that is why I was out of school? Can’t say for sure???




The coffee cup has once again hit empty, should probably go now.

Enjoy your day friends,

No matter how many cups of coffee it may hold.