a quiet night…




It’s a quiet night.  I , once again, am here waiting for my boys…enjoying a cup of coffee.  Although I am surprised at the people coming in and out…they are not staying like usual.  It is Valentine’s day.  One woman came rushing in, and in a panic, asked the hours.  She left, but returned with her man/sweetheart.  Defiantly a coffee run in order, looks like they had plans for later and needed a ‘pick me up.’  Don’t we all.

The workers tonight were extra friendly, one of which I recognized.  I love it when that happens.  I am wondering if this mad rush, right before closing, is the norm?  There are cars in the drive-thru too.  Busy,busy busy.




My coffee is gone…my son is waiting…time to scoot.

enjoy your day…spend it with(or waiting for) someone you love.