a coffee shop that teaches…



The coffee shop I am visiting today, I visit at least once a week. This coffee shop is located in our home school center. It is used to teach some kids

the “trade” of running a business. I have watched this little coffee shop grow into quite a learning business adventure in the last couple of years.

What a wonderful opportunity for these kids. Madi, the server in my first official coffee shop post, got her start in the school coffee shop and now

is a well taught, and hard worker. Getting a coffee shop job ( as a young lady right out of school) seemed like a perfect fit.

These kids serve everything from latte’s to frozen yogurt drinks and everything in-between. We were greeted with a friendly “hello”

and our server today was quick to attend to our order. Great Job to all today…We love visiting this space.






I had the pleasure of taking pics of our little coffee shop today. Max was thrilled to be included, although he enjoyed a bagel and a root beer…

instead of coffee. That doesn’t mean he still cant come along and enjoy some time with mama. I’d better scoot now…my maxi needs some

one on one time.

until next time,