not quite the same?



Have you ever noticed…some things are not the same. Coffee shops are no different. The coffee shop

I am visiting today, although it is a “main stream” coffee house, it’s not the same as the one down

the way. The coffee even tastes a little bit different. What do you expect. Even though one uses the

same coffee, and the same recipe, the same equipment, and come to think of it…even the same music is

playing in the background. It’s just not quite the same.

I must admit…even though my children are made from our maker, they are completely different…in every way

(I know, I know…comparing coffee shops to children is a stretch, but I have a love for them both…so the analogy





There is a couple sitting near me. I saw them on my way in. As I sat down, I noticed that they were not

a couple at all…not really. They were on a first date. As I pulled up my chair, I felt how awkward they seemed. It’s

just not the same is it? As a couple who know, admire, and care for each other?…these two were indeed…strangers.

I laughed as I took the photos of my cup with a big old heart on it. I know they too, had cups with hearts

on them…as they sat, and sipped and tried to get to know each other. I’m not sure there was a connection with

these two. He ended the evening. “I guess I’d better get home now.” I watched out the window as they walked away…no he did not walk her to her car. Not sure if she wanted him to…all I can say is….ugh.

me - Copy

It is time for me to go now…my coffee cup has hit ‘empty,’ and I am off to pick up my boys.

until next time,