two coffees and a scone

A change in schedule means, I was able to go to a coffee shop today. Oh, so happy. It was quite busy.

I was not able to get my favorite table. Settling for second best, I found a little spot to sip my

coffee, and today I was able to get a blueberry scone…..mmmmmm blueberry scones here are wonderful!

Heated slightly, and covered in a thin coating of sugar, it was quite tasty…so tasty, in fact, that my

daughter, who came along with me ( to do her schoolwork) ate most of it. I usually come alone, but I love having her come along to keep me company.



Sitting at my favorite spot is a young man. He sits with a computer and I cant quite tell what he is

doing with it? Is he a writer? A student? Is he just surfing??? It’s hard to tell these days? Who

knows…maybe he is sitting, writing, or reading a blog.

My coffee cup came in my favorite blue today. Light, seafoam, robins eggy,blue. It has so many names and they are all basically the same color. Blue!

I‘ll call it “happy blue” because it makes me feel so happy…happiness, along with my comfort ‘coffee’

makes one just want to ** sigh** and make sounds like aaaahhhhh. My daughter and I reacted to the first

sip in the same way and made the same sound….which sounded a lot like an aaaahhhh to me.



I am now aware of the noises happening around us. Pencil scratching, made by my daughter, who is

making a drawing…instead of doing the school work {ahem.} I hear the clanking of the dishes being washed

by the barista…which I am thankful for. Don”t get me wrong, I love being able to take my coffee with me, but

sometimes it’s nice to drink it out of a real cup (not to mention, a ‘happy blue’ colored one.) John Mayer music

playing in the background. There were some ladies who were giggling like school girls, and they were advanced

in age…so when I looked up to see who was giggling, I was surprised. I have discovered that girls are silly…both

young and old.

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I guess it’s time to scoot. One thing about bringing kids along, they are always ready to go before you

are. Enjoy your day.