sure, add another…



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My daughter started a new class tonight… once again, I find myself waiting.

  Finding a coffee shop near by has made me feel so happy…not minding

so much that I will need to wait.   I’ve got my coffee, and a little pastry.  “Sure…add another,”

another night  of waiting, another shot of vanilla, another little pastry…because the first one was so tasty.

Yes…add another.


I have never been here before.  There is a long skinny bar like table across the windows. 

It will be my spot when I visit this place… I like the view. 

There is a firefighter sitting behind me…(or a gentleman wearing a firefighter’s t-shirt.)

He has finished his coffee but is just sitting now.   Hmmmmm?

Is he waiting for someone?  Is he actually “just sitting?” It’s hard to tell.

There is a man, sitting by the door…he has a computer, it’s open.  He is on the phone, speaking

in a language I can not understand? 

A woman sits at the end of the long skinny “window.”  to my left…she

is reading a magazine.


Three out of four people have the sniffles…high pollen count tonight.

The sun is starting to set…this shop will be closing soon.

I like it here, I will stop in again.