A beautiful day.  I’m taking a moment, not because I am stuck waiting…but because I choose to. 

My coffee today is yummy.  Smooth  and sweet…but not too sweet.  It has no bitter bite, and that makes

me feel so happy. 

There is only one other person in the shop with me.  He is reading the paper and I just heard a sweet

and gentle…mmmmmm as he took a sip of his coffee.  I wonder if he is noticing

the same things I am…He looked up and caught me looking at him. 

He smiled at me. I smiled back…”this coffee is good today” he said…I agreed and answered…”so good?”


The workers are busy, but quiet.  I have begun to notice that during the day coffee shop visits,

are different than evening ones?  I have not been able to put my finger on the differences just yet, but it has left me wondering?


It has been very rainy here the last week and I am noticing the extra greenness in the view out this window.

Extra green views, extra good coffee, extra quiet shop…


May you find many “extras” in your day today.