say what???

starstarnn     starstarooo

What did he just say??? He is needed to “fill in”…and I will need to “wait?”
Of course???
My son, a jack of all trades, is needed to “fill in” at a youth group for a while.
It is just far enough from my house, and not enough time to drive home in-between.
Once again…I am left waiting???  **sigh***

After driving around, looking for a coffee shop, but knowing what kind I would
run into eventually…I have landed here…in a new space.

This is a small ( mainstream) shop… very crowded…and almost every table is being used,  it will do.
I forgot to ask the hours of business, so I will sit here until I am told
they are closing up.

There is an older man, sitting in a comfy chair. 
Grey hair and glasses…quietly reading a book.
Next to him sits a young lady with extremely curly hair…she sits, typing on a computer.
Her computer is white.  It is the first time I have noticed the color of a computer…?

Three older ladies are giggling together…talking and drinking coffee and sharing
about their day (and what they will be doing next)
One is digging in her purse, hmmmmm
What is she digging for?…I would guess either a piece of gum…or a tissue.
(it was tissue, and then gum :o) lol

There is a middle aged man who I don’t remember seeing come in…even
though I had been watching the door.  He is wearing a plad dress shirt, tucked in.
He is sportin’ a belt, beige and extremely white tennis shoes?

A woman has come in with her children.  She mentioned that she was
a homeschool mom, just returning from a conference…(I too am a home school mom)
She had two children with her.
I did notice that she gotten herself a coffee…but nothing for the kids?
I only noticed this because the daughter asked for a sip of what ever
she was drinking…and she was told no, because it was so hot…
she then asked the barista behind the counter for more half and half.
I too had to ask because it was not set out…and so did 4 other customers? 
I wonder if they are getting ready to close up?

One of the barista’s is a “free spirit” type.  Kind of “loud”…I keep noticing
what she is talking about…not because this shop is small, but because
she has been talking non-stop since I arrived.  She has wiped down
the “condiment” counter…3 times…but still has not replaced the half and half.
She is also the type who recognizes the patrons as they enter…the ones in the shop and the ones
in the drive-thru…how do I know? (You might be thinking?? )That’s right…
because she talks so loudly…and announced that she knows each person as they pull up?
I haven’t decided if that is good or bad?  Hmmmmmm (I’ll need to ponder that one?)

A middle aged man just walked in with his son. (tween aged) they are both wearing caps. 
The barista asked them what they would like…and the father answered “you go first sport”
(now see…people who come in with their children…usually order them something, especially if they
are standing next to them…the ones who don’t, usually hit the drive-thru.)
The boy ordered a hot coco…and the man ordered not one coffee, but two???
There was no one waiting in the car?…maybe he needs coffee!
(I’ve been there, brother, I’ve been there.)

The older gentleman, who is reading his book by the window, has finished his coffee…
but, like me, he has picked it up and tried to take a sip…more out of “habit" I’ll bet.  I have done that so many times myself... it has brought me a smile...he,smiling, tossed his cup into the trash on his way out the door.

My coffee has hit empty too…time to scoot.