here it is…






Well here it is…the last time I will be here, in this space…waiting.

My daughter has her last class in the area tonight.

I arrived to the “smiling man.” (the man who sits just inside the door and gives

a welcoming smile to all who enter) He flashed me a comforting “smile.”


There is a woman here, reading a book in the comfy chairs.

A man sits behind her…on his computer.  I believe he is listening to music of some

sort because he is humming along…and it is NOT the music playing in the shop??…

if you can call the “music” that is playing tonight “ music?”……rap is not my favorite.

And that reminds me of a joke my son told me…

”music is like candy, eat up the candy and throw out the rappers”  (lol)


It has been a beautiful day today.  Sunny and warm.  I will miss this window seat.

The wind has begun to blow and I  see the clouds rolling in…

I am sitting here, coffee in hand…looking out my window and

I find myself distracted by a car in the parking slot across from me…

They left a back door open…it has left me wondering so many things???

Has it left a light on?  I don’t notice one, but is that because it has been on for so long

that it has drained the battery?   It’s hard to tell. 


My coffee is good tonight.  Not too bitter.  That leaves me feeling… happy.

Two girls just walked in…just to walk right back out another door?  I heard

one mention something about a “short cut?”   uh, ok??


An older woman just stepped up to the counter.  Have you ever noticed that the

“older” generation of people speak with people differently than the younger ones…?

There is a younger woman who just walked up behind her when she was ordering….here is what

I noticed…


The older woman:  “Hi how are you?”

Barista: “I’m fine, how are you?…what can I get for you tonight?”

The older woman:  I’m great, I would like a cappuccino please.”

Barista: “No problem, anything else?”

The older woman:  “Yes, I would like a little pie?”

Barista: “cherry or apple?”

The older woman: “cherry, thank you so much, what a lovely day today, have you been able to enjoy it?”

Barista: “Why yes, yes I have, I have only been here for a few hours.”  “ Here you go, thank you so much for stopping in.”

The older woman: “Thank you so much, enjoy the rest of your shift.”

Barista: “I will, thank you, come again.”

The older woman: “Oh I will.”


The young lady:” I would like a tall vanilla latte, iced, with whip…” she says to the barista, not even looking up from her phone.

Barista: “is that all?”

The young lady: “mmmmhmmmm “ (still not looking up from her phone)

Barista:  “here ya go, thanks for coming in”

The young lady: “k”


Ok??? Wow!  What is wrong with this picture???

I try my hardest…not to look at my phone while in line…any line…and I am teaching my children to

“mind their manners.”  It is important to me.


It is almost closing time.  The barista is mopping the floor…it was sticky.

She began to talk…it was then that I noticed she was taking an order from the drive- thru…

Those headphone ear piece thingy's crack me up…now tell the truth…how many

times have you thought someone was talking to you, just to find out…they are talking into

a headpiece of some kind?   It has happened to me, more than once…lol


Well, my coffee has hit empty. I told you it was good :o)

Time to scoot…goodbye coffee shop…I will miss you.