coffee c


coffee d

I am sitting here, at my new “hang out.”

I am realizing that I am almost done with my time here. 

This coffee shop is no where near a place I would frequent and I am only

here because of my daughter’s class,which comes to an end this week.

I will miss my time here. (only one day left)


There is a man  sitting by the door.  He takes the time to smile

sweetly, as people walk in.  People don’t take the time to do that any more?

It is welcomed.


There is a couple behind me, also on a computer…both with coffee…one coffee hot and one is iced.

I only looked because of the “ugh…brain freeze” comment. (lol)

They are trying to navigate their way through the usaa

website…and having a hard time.  I am realizing that they are not the

first to have a complaint…A girlfriend of mine was complaining about that

just the other day?


A man just left…he was also drinking a chilled drink…pink in color. 

I am curious to what it is…but it will remain a mystery, because he has just pulled away.


A car just pulled away from the drive through.  It was sparkly clean…looks just washed.

It is a beautiful day today…and more good weather is expected…I too washed

my car today…by hand, which I rarely do…due to pure laziness on my part…(ahem)

(I had a little helper…it was more fun on a nice hot day, than clean…and

I wouldn’t change a thing ;)


I am just sitting here now, soaking up the sounds which are…this coffee shop.

The rhythm of the music, mixed with the clanging of the dishes…The

voice of the barista, who talks with a sing song tone.  It’s sweet, and gentle.  I have

noticed…she receives many tips in here tip jar…I know I was impressed with her service, and

although I only ordered a house coffee…I dropped my change in. 

Let that be a lesson to you…it pays to talk sweetly to your costumers.


Well my coffee has hit empty…

time to scoot.