star 1


I’m waiting for my boys tonight…I am looking out the window here

and there is such an odd light coming through.

The place is packed tonight…prime people watching at hand.


I am noticing the clothes?

It has been warm out, finally… well alright…it was warm out yesterday?

Women have changed to short sleeved sweaters.  I am

even spotting a tank top?? (a tank top, really???)

Two pairs of sunglasses…that I see from my spot.  Two pairs of shorts and three skirts.

I am still wearing my boots…because I love boots, but it seems as though

flats have made an appearance.


There is a woman behind me on her cell phone…she is in an argument with Verizon…now

why doesn’t that surprise me?

There are two giggly girls to my right…they are looking at photos on a computer…they

seem to enjoy that.

A man straight in front of me is doing some kind of work on draft paper…

looks like some kind of test, which I find odd?…only because he is an older gentleman and it looks

like a collage paper?


I am noticing the satchel of a young man who just came in…covet, covet…old and

well worn…looks like he uses it to carry his computer.  Lucky!


Computer count tonight…6

Only one iced drink…and tonight I am noticing that the coffees are the larger size?

The wind is blowing something fierce…I am left wondering if it will begin to rain before I leave?

Only time will tell.


Oh my goodness…a man just came in and pulled a Niles (from the show, Frazier)

That’s right…he actually pulled out a hanky and wiped down his chair?….giggle giggle.

What a crack up?


Uh oh, the woman who was on the phone with Verizon…

Is now on the phone with her husband?…and I can say to that is…’People…The rest of the shop

can hear you…Maybe it’s time to take it outside?’  Poor things.  “Lord be with them tonight, please

help them find peace.”  **sigh**


Oh good!  My friend just walked in :o)