sun with company…


star star dd

star star ff

star star ee

The sun is out and it’s actually warm.

Lot’s of people out and about tonight…so I sit.

I’m waiting again…but I don’t wait alone.

This little guy has been keeping me company.  He is

slobbering up the windows something fierce (hee hee)

He is speaking to me with his eyebrows…

What a cutie.


His owners are inside. A couple…it’s the male’s birthday.

He is ordering for his bride…”do you want to try some green tea?” He calls across

the shop…”I would, if I liked tea??”….”Ok, how about some juice?”….Was the next question…

A frown was her answer.  “Why don’t you come and choose something then? He said…she did.

“I’d like a coffee please…hot”  It seems to me they are a “newlyweds?”

The puppy was happy when they came back out.  Coffee in hand…off they went.

It’s a beautiful night for a stroll.


The computer count tonight  two.  One man sits across from me.  He is on one.  He is very quiet.

A couple sits to my left…they are not.


Outside the window two men in white jumpsuits look under the hood of someone's car???

I find it odd for so many reasons…one, being the obvious…jumpsuits? really? And why are they so white??

It makes one question their importance?


There is a beeping noise happening behind the counter… it’s constant…beep, beep,beep…



A man just walked in.  One would think I was sitting in a time warp?  He

looks like he has stepped right out of the 1970’s, literally? 

Bushy side burns and a handlebar mustache… gold chains top off the “look.”…nice.

Hmmmm and what kind of coffee does a man from the 1970’s order?

coffee, black.


Beep, beep, beep, beep………


Another couple sits outside…They are deep in conversation…one can tell

by the body language…It makes me wonder what the topic is?  Hand gestures are fierce??



Will someone please stop the beeping? pretty please? ugh!

ahhh thank you :o)


Coffee is hit empty…time to scoot.