star star rr


Waiting seems so much longer when one is tired.  I am so tired.

Coffee and a sugar boost isn't helping???

My Daughter is half way through her class…and she is enjoying it.

It’s worth it to see her happy.

So here I sit, no one is here again tonight….hmmmm

I cant figure out the flow of this coffee shop.


I was at a coffee shop last night that was packed to the gills…but here I sit tonight

the only one present…I haven’t even noticed anyone in the drive through

since I have been here.


The sun is shining so rain is not keeping people away. 

There is a lot of foot traffic outside, I guess

no one is in a coffee house mood…I do not understand that at all :o)

I am always in a coffee house mood…because coffee makes me feel so happy.


I have come to the conclusion that other people have other things that make them feel happy (ahem)

I have a friend who loves to shop…she says it makes her feel happy.  I often wonder

if it makes her husband “feel happy” when he gets the bill (ahem, ahem)


I do feel coffee is expensive, but it is cheaper than other things I could be doing…and

I usually drink coffee at home.  I find myself ordering “house coffee” because it is

cheaper…Now I am wondering… what about coffee makes me feel so happy?

I am not a coffee snob, but I have a friend who is?? 

I enjoy latte’s, vanilla.  I enjoy foldgers or mjb or what ever is on sale

to brew at home.  I like iced coffee’s (with whip, ahem) but usually order it hot…even in the summer.

Most of my friends enjoy mocha's…although I have been known to drink a mocha or two…it’s

not the “norm” for me.


ok…the music tonight is not helping this “tired” feeling I am trying so hard to avoid.

It is nice out….I might need to bail and go for a walk instead…yup, that sounds good

except for one thing….I am just too tired!


coffee is gone…ugh…time to scoot.