again and again…


star star ll        star star mm

Again I wait.  I’m feeling restless tonight but my spirits were lifted

when I arrived to a free treat.  They were cleaning out the cupboard, as it were,

and we reaped the benefits.


There is an older gentleman, sitting in a comfy chair…quietly reading the paper.

I remember reading an article on line.  There was a big debate on if

“the paper” was going to go completely “high tech” and no longer

be available in the paper versions.  Some versions have already gone to

online versions only.  Is this the beginning of the end for paper items?  It’s hard to say.

I remember having a discussion about libraries and books for that matter,

      I have a  friend  who  believes that books will be replaced with the “kindle” versions only??

I am thrilled with my computer, and all it has to offer…don’t get me wrong…and I so want a kindle of my own…but

there is just something about reading a paperback book…can it be replaced??? 

(I hope not!)


A group of people are sitting behind me.  They are sitting at the tables I have never seen anyone

sit at?  I find it odd.  Odd that I noticed and odd that I thought it was odd???


No tea drinkers tonight…it’s another blustery day out.

I find myself at the “window seat” again…looking out the window…watching the wind.

I know, I know…one can’t really “watch the wind” but I can watch the paper bag

that the wind is taking across the parking lot as well as watch the umbrellas gently sway in the wind. 

Some times I swear they hear the music and are following the beat???


The choice of music tonight is getting on my nerves.  I can’t tell if I am irritated by the music

or if I am just irritated?

My coffee is extra tasty and I have decided to focus on that.


There is a wonderful smell of strong coffee lofting about.  I think they have just ground some and it

smells so nice.  Mmmmmm  freshly ground coffee.


Well I have hit empty once again…time to scoot.