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Another class for my daughter, so once again…here I sit.

There are no customers at the moment…there were two

women…visiting…but they have left now.  There have been two men

that have come through…but both just getting coffee and then leaving.  The workers

have managed to keep busy, even though there is no one here at the moment…and once

again…I think that is a good sign.


It is a rainy, blustery day out today.

My mind has been drawn more to what is going on outside this window

I am sitting at.  The wind keeps catching one of the umbrellas outside and

it is causing it to gently spin…it is very relaxing.  I find it interesting that the wind has no

pattern to it…it ‘s just a gentle breeze.


There are huge raindrops forming on the edges of the cast iron chairs…I only

have my cell phone with me tonight and it can not quite see the droplets of rain….I wonder if it will

rain again tomorrow…only time will tell…the weather men usually get it wrong these days (ahem.)


My coffee is extra good tonight…can’t quite put my finger on what is different about it? Hmmmmmm

I have nothing to complain about…sometimes it’s nice to sit… quietly.  **sigh**


I have run out of coffee…it’s time to scoot.