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My daughter is testing today.  I have decided not to wait at the homeschool ctr…but drive down the street to the coffee shop ( which is kind of a no-brainer really?)

  As homeschoolers, testing is a scary thing.  Poor thing.  She was so nervous.


  I haven't been to this shop for quite a while?  It is packed.

A woman in a sparkly sweatshirt (which seems funny to me to put sparkles on a sweatshirt, but to each her own??)  stands next to her daughter.

The sweatshirt is “hot pink.” The daughter is also darning a “hot pink” sweatshirt.

The “couple” is also wearing scarves and uggs.  (uh…ok?)

They both ordered drinks and sat down.  Shortly after ordering… a friend arrived to meet them. 

As the ladies chatted, the daughter disappeared into a world which included her mp3 player.

  I remember wanting to do the same when I was a child, the only problem with that was I grew up in the era of

the “walk man”…which I remember being “quite the thing.” (and no, you could not hide one in your pocket?)

Oh how far we have come since then. 

We now live in a portable world.  When I was growing up…”dial up” internet was all the rage…and very expensive…and now I

am sitting here, not only on my computer…that is sitting on my lap? but I am on the internet.…in a coffee shop…for free????  Wow!


Two woman sit behind them.  There is a gift all wrapped up and sitting on the table.  Two friends…celebrating together.

The gift was opened, while visiting over a cup of coffee.  It was a crochet beanie hat.  It was very cute?  I liked it, and appreciate the thought

that went into making it.  I can not tell if the woman who received the cap felt the same.  Shortly after opening the gift the woman went to the restroom.

I caught the eye of the maker of the hat and smiled…I mouthed “so cute”…She seemed satisfied that “someone” liked it.


A man sits in front of the windows reading a newspaper.  A couple sit together at the other window seats and shortly after finishing their coffee… leave. 

I am now noticing all the crumbs left at the table…and all over the floor.  Hmmmm  the chair next to me also has crumbs all over it? 

They sell crumbly treats here…I am wondering how many crumbs are left behind when I had been nibbling on my tasty treats??

(mental note, make sure all crumbs are brushed off your lap before leaving the coffee shop??? no need to carry along the crumbly hitch hikers the rest of the day…lol)


My coffee is gone…time to scoot.