Today it’s raining.  Although there are  people here tonight it’s quiet…too quiet.

The computer count…5 

Of the 5 computers…three have portable mouses?  I have never noticed anyone with a mouse before…I’m not

quite sure why I am noticing it now??

There is only one person talking…it’s odd. 

It is so quiet, even though the music is playing, I am noticing the tap, tap, tapping

sound of the gentleman next to me typing away.  I think he is working?  His table

is covered with stacks of papers and I see a yellow legal notepad.


Another gentleman sits behind him.  He sits behind a computer and  has on headphones.

Not the ear bud kind…the large kind of headphones. 


A collage age young lady just walked in. 

She is wearing a back pack with little trinket key chains hooked to the zippers.  I am reminded

that those used to be “all the rage” when I was growing up?….I am left wondering if they are making a “comeback?”


More people have entered the coffee shop…the computer count is now up to 7

It is still awfully quiet.


It’s nice to have a moment to just “sit.”

My coffee is good.  Hot and smooth.  Feels good going down… leaves my tummy feeling warm.

Ok…I must mention that the music tonight is interesting…and at the moment…the “flute” solo has caught my attention?

It’s not too often that a “flute” is given a “solo” and at the build of a song…it’s the “flute solo” that

makes the song groove? I am left thinking…”good for you dear  flautist…you go for it!”  and no…I don’t mind

the Christmas sounding jingle bells playing in the back ground? not at all???  What else would one play behind a grooving flute solo?? I ask you that???-


My coffee has hit empty.

Time to scoot.