Almost finished with the craziness that is “the end of the year activities.”

Although we are homeschoolers…we are still involved in choir and dance classes…and that means end of the year performances.


I have snuck down to the corner coffee shop to grab a cuppa joe to keep me going.  Today will be a long day.

I am so thankful for you friends,  I enjoy my time in this space.


I have plunked myself down close to the counter today, so I am aware of the drinks other people are ordering.

I have heard everything from “house coffee” to “mocha with 4 shots??”  Wow! someone needs their coffee today…?


I am sitting under a local artist’s photos that are hanging on the wall…They are neat. 

Simple black and whites of the landscape in the area.  When I look at them I feel a sense of peace.

I am often moved by the things other photographers choose to take photos of…I am left thinking…

”oh, yes…must capture this moment.”  It is nice to know I am not alone in that.


There has been a high stream of  people here today.

A mother and daughter discussing how many sugars are needed…which I find funny because the daughter is one of the patrons

who ordered extra shots in her coffee?


A group of ladies sit at a table in the back of the coffee shop.  I have never noticed the table back there before

but it seems like the perfect place to gather with friends.  A perfect skinny table with two blue lamps that seem to set the “mood”

all tucked away in a far off corner.  Seems nice.


Well, unfortunately my coffee has hit empty, and it is time to scoot.

thank you for joining me here today friends.

a simple thank you.