better with company…






I am a creature of habit…so it is no surprise to me that people know where I am going to be.

I had a surprise visitor tonight.  It was just a “pop in” visit…but nice just the same.

I am sitting here now, wondering if I will have any more visitors tonight…it’s hard to tell.


My coffee is extra smooth tonight.    Hot, due to the fact that it’s a rainy evening and

although I am noticing how muggy it is…I am realizing that I will need to ditch this sweater I am wearing…ugh!


It’s packed again tonight.  Two men sit to my left.  I am

noticing the tattoo on the back side of the calf of one of the men.  It is writing of

some kind…looks like cursive…and there is no way I can read what it says?  I am left thinking…

“why get a tattoo that no one else can read…and put it someplace that you, yourself, can’t read it either?”


Two middle aged women just sat down next to the fire.  I am wondering if they will stay there long? 

Like I said before…it’s awfully muggy and I am now aware of why the comfy chairs, that are usually the first

to be occupied, weren’t when I arrived. (even though it was crowded)


A young lady sits in the window wearing large headphones…the kind I noticed a man wearing last week…

She is holding them tight…trying to listen closely to something?  But the noise level in here is high tonight.


The man with headphones from last week has returned.  He is wearing them again.  He is looking at his

computer…he has not looked up? Not once.  It seems as though even those who are on computers look up every once and a while…

but not him.  I am wondering what has him so “enthralled?” It shall remain a mystery??


Computer count tonight…6

Hot drinks vs cold ones…(it is summer after all?)



ah ha…hot wins.


I am taking a moment to notice the “sound” of the place tonight.  A quiet murmur underlying the laughter of patrons

and workers in the back.  I keep hearing someone’s cell phone ringing.  It sounds like an old telephone…the kind my parents

had when I was younger?  And that leads to this thought…do most people keep their cell phones on vibrate?

I am noticing that people are periodically stopping their conversations to fiddle with their phones.  

Most of them shoot off a quick text…and very few people “take” a call?  (Hang. on my phone is ringing??? Now how funny is that? lol)

I have my ringer on…but it is on the lowest volume (ahem.) 


Well…my  coffee has hit empty.

Time to scoot.

Enjoy your evening friends.