not one, but many…



many     many2





Upon arrival today I noticed a group of men.  They were sitting in the middle of the coffee shop.  I ordered my drink and took my seat. 

  One by one they stood up and went outside.  It was then that I noticed that they were a “biker gang”…if you could call them that? 

Some of them were on  “fat boy” type of motor cycles, and some were on the zippy more street style type. 

I am left to wonder if they are on some kind of adventure together?  They look like they are all in their mid twenties…I only see

one leather jacket?   The helmets are of various types.  Three full face helmets…and two of the “brain bucket” type…It’s a dead

give away to who belongs to which type of bike.  They all ordered “house coffee”…no “frilly, foo foo” drinks for this lot. 


Their table inside has now been replaced by another group of people.  Looks like two groups of people that know

each other well.  Two couples with kids.  They are having a great time…and laughing very loudly.  I think that is a sign of  having a good time.

It makes me wonder if the “biker gang” is having as much  of a good time???  They are all sprawled out on their chairs now, and not one of them is laughing???

in fact one of them is sitting with his face in his hands…coffee must not be working for him…looks more like “nap time.”


I am now drawn back to the group of people sitting in the middle of the room …have you ever noticed that sometimes, although everyone is laughing, one

person does most the talking?  I would like to call that man the “entertainer” of the group.  Funny thing is…he is the only one not drinking coffee.  Go figure??


A mother and her two young children have entered the coffee shop and have taken a seat in the corner.

The children are also very entertained by the “entertainer.”


The biker gang have located themselves just outside the door.  I have noticed that other people who

are entering this establishment are forced to walk through them…I think this is interesting to watch.  Most

people who are entering wont make eye contact with the group and are heading straight for the door while looking at the ground.  I too

do find it difficult to walk through a group of people…and would probably judge the location of the tables and chairs outside…but not today. 

Today I am enjoying the show.


My time has gone by so fast today.

My coffee has hit empty, and it’s time to scoot.

Enjoy your day friends.