Where am I?  Here I am.  Sitting in a coffee shop doing what seems to be my lot in life these days.  Waiting.

There is one woman here at the moment.  She sits in the corner…or was?  I think she took her

phone call outside…which I appreciate.  She is drinking an iced drink…although the weather does not call for it.


My coffee is smooth and creamy.  Feels nice going down.  Once again, warming to my tummy…which I like very much.

When I arrived tonight…there was a large iced drink sitting at the pick up window.  A soldier, in full garb, (minus the back pack…. and the gun..ahem)

stood next to it…so I assumed that it was his.  I assumed wrong.  It wasn’t.  His order, a large caramel macchiato, was put onto the little

pick up counter.  He took his drink and left the other one there.  And there it sat until recently…when a skinny, spikey haired young

man in a very bright red zip up hoodie walked in to retrieve it. 


Two young men just walked in…they were speaking a language I didn’t recognize.  I noticed when they placed

their order…that they didn’t have an accent at all?  Now they are trying to decide where to sit?  I am beginning to wonder if they

are a “couple” or “just friends”…but I do not really believe that there is much difference between the the two.  People

tend to call people they enjoy hanging out with “just friends” but you and I both know which ones are more than that…they aren’t fooling anyone.

One of the men sits crinkling his nose at the other…he is also waving his hands in the air as he is talking…I find myself wondering what in the world

he is talking about?


The music playing tonight is some type of jazz.  I noticed on the poster board on the wall, that a jazz festival is coming to town.

I wonder if it will be worth looking into?  Cant beat the price…it’s free.


I just received a text from my son…he would like me to get him some hot sauce…and informed me that were out.

My coffee is gone…and I now have an errand to do….maybe?

Enjoy your evening friends.