take a moment…


moment   moment2

I walked in tonight…ordered my coffee and took a seat.  An empty chair with a lap top left sitting on the table, sits to my right.  A young woman sits across from me in front of the window.  She is on a computer wearing headphones.  Another young woman has just entered, and with out ordering, took a seat in the middle of the room.  She  seemed to be waiting for someone.  After about 10 mins a young man walked in, and also with out ordering, he took a seat.  He was wearing a hoodie sweat shirt and left the hood up.  The young lady seemed relieved that he had arrived (finally) but he said nothing of being late.  As he took his seat…he caught the eye of the blonde girl who was sitting at the window.


She glanced up and caught him looking at her.  She asked him if maybe she knew him?  He told her that she did look familiar?  “Who do you know?” (really, who do you know?  sheesh!)  She said “well?” He then left the young lady who was waiting for him and went to sit at this girls table instead?  He asked the window girl her name…”Maggie” was her answer.  She also stated that she had just moved to this area and did not know very many people. He mumbled something and again asked for her name…she repeated it…”Maggie.”

Now please forgive me while I take a moment here. {{pause}} The poor young lady who was waiting for him now sits in the middle of the room alone…waiting for this “friend” of hers to find his way back to the one he was there to see.

“Do you have a facebook?” He asked the window girl.  This was about the time I caught the eye of the other girl…who was still sitting alone.  She did not look happy, she instead looked so…sad.  “No, I don’t have a facebook?” Window girl answered.  “You don’t have a facebook, really?” “No, why?… should I?”  “Oh yes, everyone needs to have a facebook!” He stated.  He then noticed the girl sitting in the middle of the room, who said…”I’m taking off now.”  “Oh” he said and without ordering any coffee…they left.

The owner of the lap top left sitting on the little table by the fireplace has now returned.  She looked up to catch my eye.  She rolled her eyes…I returned the roll.  Sheesh, poor thing.  A threesome have now entered the coffee shop and they look like they are here for some kind of meeting.  I am relieved to have someone new to watch.  I am left feeling very irritated at the tact of the young ones I witnessed earlier…I wished that they hadn’t been talking so loudly.  Another threesome have just entered and took a seat at the middle tables.  A woman, her husband and their son.  I recognize the woman as someone I went to school with. I waved “hello” she waved back…

and that was it.

My coffee is extra creamy tonight and that is always better than bitter.  The music is some kind of “reggae.” This song has gone on long enough.

**Note to self…”reggae” is not good mood music when one is feeling irritated by all the humans.**

    All I can think of right now is the phrase… “someone please stop the insanity”…sheesh!  What a night!


My coffee has hit empty.

Time to scoot.