I arrived tonight to two young men sitting just inside the door.  They were finishing up their coffee, but looked like they might be up to something sinister…you know, you’ve seen the look before…I’m sure of it.

I stepped up to the counter…ordered my coffee and said a quick “hello” to the barista’s.  After receiving my coffee I noticed the boys were no longer here?   That is when I heard it… “boom!!!”  I noticed the “fire” shortly after that.  Those two boys set off a large firework and tossed it into the waste receptacle located at the edge of a wooded parking lot.  The boys were running when it went off.  So that is why there were here earlier…they needed a boost of coffee for the extra energy needed to run! {{ahem.}}

It was a small and well contained fire.  The rain put it out before anyone even made it outside.  Quite exciting though!  It is July 3.  Unfortunately it is expected. 

And that is sad.

I am the only one in the shop now…everyone else has moved on with their evening plans.  The barista’s are busy working and cleaning and one has now been put onto “window watch” for the return of the two boys.  The music is nice a mellow.  I like it.  I am in the mood for mellow tonight.  My coffee is good.  I find myself just sitting and smelling it through the little hole in the lid.  I have been squeezing it ever so slightly until I get a wonderful little puff of coffee that brings with it a wonderful, calming aroma that I am enjoying while I breathe in deeply…enjoying it so much that is, until I squeezed it a little too hard and the top popped off…and then I just had to “laugh out loud” along with the barista who was watching me from behind the counter….giggle giggle…as if you didn’t see that one coming :o)


A woman has now entered the coffee shop.  She knows one of the barista’s and when the barista mentioned that she had a headache…she left to retrieve her a Tylenol  from her car.  That was quite a few mins ago now and I have begun to wonder if she has somehow gotten lost on her way?  Unless, of course, her car is anything like mine and she is taking longer than expected to locate a tiny little Tylenol  in it?…


Two men and a young boy have just entered.  Both men are bald and I think they are either twins…or brothers.  They sure look alike.  Both wearing dark sweatshirts and kaki pants.  They told the baristas that they are just passing through town.  I think this might be a potty break.  The men ordered coffee and a large hot cocoa for the boy.  One of the men ordered honey for his coffee….uh what?? honey???……I’m not sure I would like that?  I don’t think I am going to be trying it any time soon.  I found myself making a very strange and “yucky face” when he asked for honey…and the little boy noticed me…I just smiled.  He smiled back.  He was just asked if he wanted whip…”yes” was his answer…they put some on the outside of the cup (which is how my son likes it)…he was asked if he would like more…and with a big grin…he answered ”yes please!”  It is always helpful to “mind your manors.”


My coffee is gone.

Time to scoot.