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         It’s been a long couple of days for me this week.  It’s so nice to have a moment to sit…and breathe…and be.  I can see the light fade from this window seat as the setting sun finds it’s resting place.  I am sitting…and enjoying my coffee as I watch the shadows fall across the buildings.  My coffee cup is in my favorite “happy blue”…It has brought me a smile.  There are only two people here at the moment.  A couple.  Young.  Sharing a computer.  They are smiling and enjoying their coffee together.  They ordered large drinks and the  mugs are so ridiculously large.   I am wondering how long it will take them to nurse them?  I don’t mind large coffee drinks.  I don’t mind, that is, if the coffee is good.  I find it very difficult to drink it all if it is bitter…and grows cold.  Good coffee, however, seems to be tasty…even if it has lost it’s heat.

I haven't been to this coffee shop for quite some time.  I have missed it.  It is just a small ‘hole in the wall.’  I love it here and it is a welcomed change from the ‘main streamed’ shops I have been frequenting.   I’m just going to spend some time sitting…and breathing…and drinking my coffee.


Enjoy your evening friends.