when frustration hits?






Today I sat in my favorite coffee shop with a friend of mine.  We were there to set up a blog of her own…so with coffee in hand we sat and began.  We started off okay, but of course something happened.  We were magically greeted with the “magic button” syndrome.  I’m sure you all have been there before…you know, the moment when nothing is working because you can not find the ‘magic button’…the ‘magic button’ is always something simple…like the clicking of one little square that magically changes everything?  We, unfortunately, were not able to find our ‘magic button’ :o(  But she was sent off with a good start.


I am now sitting alone…in my window spot, looking at a man sitting in the “window seat” across from me.  I think he has caught my attention because he has a large stack of what looks like letters, in a large bowl.  That’s right…a bowl?  I guess most people would have some kind of bag or accordion file…but a bowl?  It seems to be working for him.

Out of the 7 people here at the moment, he is the only one not on a computer.  Maybe his ‘letters’ have something to do with it…he had been writing something out by hand.  He is now licking and sealing the envelope.  Much better than an e-mail.  Good for you bowl guy…good for you.


There is a woman who reminds me a little of my mother.  My mother passed away a few weeks ago, so I feel like I see her everywhere.  There is a gentleman sitting next to her blowing his nose with a hanky retrieved from his pocket.  We don’t see too many hanky's these days. ( I think my father still carries one?)…I think it’s sweet…to see an older gentleman using his hanky which seems so old fashioned and yet, typing away on a laptop computer…talk about a clashing of the eras?

Nora Jones plays in the background…I love Nora Jones.

My coffee was smooth…ahhhh…smooth coffee.  Too smooth…I drank it right down.


I have been here for quite a while.  I’d better forgo the second cup of coffee and head home.

Enjoy your day friends.