begin again…





On this day I went to my favorite coffee shop to meet up with a friend of mine.  We were due to meet at a certain time, but I was held up and as it seemed…so was she.  I ordered a large coffee, took a seat and pulled out my computer.  Still no sign of her…so I decided to start taking photos.  My coffee was tasty and thank goodness.   It’s a gamble sometimes when one orders a large ((ahem))  But my favorite coffee shop hasn’t failed me yet.

I was half way into loading up my photos when she arrived…I was just beginning to wonder if I had gotten the time right.  She thought the same as she walked in.  All is well.  We decided to try again to find the “magic button” on a project we had been working on the last time we met.  When it all came down, it is sometimes better to just begin again…and so we did.  I am happy to report we finished the project we were working on…and although our visiting time went by far too quickly (and more than the time allotted (ahem)  My poor friend scurried off and I was once again left in my quiet little spot...alone.

I hadn’t even noticed how busy the coffee shop had gotten.  Two women, that looked like good friends, were seated just outside the little area I was in.  I only noticed because one of the children they had with them shut the glass door.  I could tell she was just practicing a new little trick she had learned…she looked no older than two.  Her mom called her away, but I smiled and said she was doing no harm.  Just then her “frilly drink”  arrived at the table and she scurried back to eat the cherry on top…which I found very amusing.

A gentleman sits in the other glass window seat across from me.  He is on a computer and sits with a little espresso cup, which reminded me of the first time I ordered coffee at a real coffee shop.  I ordered a coffee, an espresso, and I hated it!  Add a little bit of milk and some sweet goodness and now it brings me much comfort.  Oh how far Starbucks has brought the simple cup of coffee.  Who'd a thought???

I have been here quite a while…I’d better scoot.

Enjoy your day.