it’s quiet…




Hello friends.  I haven’t been able to stop in for coffee for quite a while?

I have one more “mini vacation” camping trip to go before jumping into, what has now been referred to as, “the winter schedule.” 

I am here tonight trying to make my lists of things needed for a campout so late in the season.  Although we are expecting warm days but because it is now

September…the nights might be a bit chilly.  So here I sit…trying to remember what will be needed for warm days and cold nights…ugh.  I will be so thankful

to be on the road.


19 patrons here tonight (plus the 4 that are outside).  One tutor and student…(and that, in and of itself, is proof that school has indeed begun.) 

Computer count tonight…6 (for now)  three older gentlemen sitting in spots under the windows…in the sun.  They are sitting quietly, soaking up the sun and gently enjoying it’s warmth. 

A younger woman, with her hair in a high bun, sits under the windows on the other side.  She has a computer but is sitting quietly reading in what looks to be a journal. 

I need to use the restroom, but someone has been occupying it since I arrived?  Now I have started to wonder?  Is she alright?  Will I really want to use it when she

finally does emerge??…I might not have a choice?  ( I gotta go.)…be right back.


*****************************short passing of time********************************


Alright I’m back… Although I did have a problem with the toilet paper and had to use the “pickle/toilet paper claw (ahem?)  All in all…all was well.

I am afraid the young one, who was using the restroom for so long, was pretty upset and teary when she came out…poor thing.  I am not sure what the problem was but it did leave me feeling a bit sad for her.  I made eye contact with her and give her a sympathy smile as she gathered herself and her things and left.

A young and very “dapper” young gentleman just entered the coffee shop.  He was here to see one of the workers, who greeted him with a big hug.  They are now sitting and “catching up” which leaves me assuming that he has been away or she has not seen him for quite some time.  They are joyfully visiting and chatting away.  It is a nice distraction from the thought of the poor restroom girl. 

There is a table to my left that has two middle aged women visiting…I am now remembering about my friends and I am left to wonder if I too will have any company tonight?  There is a woman…a “tomboy” type…wearing surfer shorts and a logo t-shirt…she is sitting and listening to an mp3 player and has her nose in a book…I can’t do that…when I read a book…I can’t listen to music at the same time…and now, I am noticing the music on the speakers tonight…earlier it was reggae music, which I sometimes find annoying.  I think I feel that way because reggae music just sounds to me like a record that is skipping, although I know the lyric changes…uh, if you can call it that?  I think the music has now been switched out for a mellow, simple, jazzy type of music… now this I find much more enjoyable to listen to…than reggae??? i ‘m just sayin’. (…sorry mr. reggae man…sorry.)

ooooooohhhh, a friend of mine just walked in the door…. :o)

Time to visit….see you next time friends.

Enjoy your evening.