sniff sniff…




Hello friends.  I am here…once again waiting for my boys…but did you notice???  I have no coffee.  I am feeling under the weather today and I can not smell or taste anything so I figured…why bother?  (which makes me sniff in more ways than one :o( sniff sniff.)

I am here to meet friends tonight.  They should be here any moment…so I once again, I will be cutting this post short.  Tonight there is a gentleman, mid 20’s or so, sitting by the fireplace…but there is no fire tonight.  Its been so nice out I am not surprised to see him with an iced coffee…although I am surprised to see him drink it out of a regular cup…instead of a plastic one?  Sure, why not, I think that is a perk to “going in.”

There is a group of collage aged young ones…sitting together to my left…it seems as though they are studying…it seems to me that summer is over and school has once again begun.  There is a young one who is so sweet looking…she got up for a “refill” of her coffee and sweetly smiled on her way back.  She has rosy cheeks and a lovely smile.  Her group grinned ear to ear as she came back to the table…the kind of look that there was soon to be a “story” to tell.

My friend has now arrived and her husband and his brother who was visiting from out of town, popped in for a quick cup of coffee.  The brother had many stories to tell so the men stayed longer than they had planned…I love that.  It’s always nice to meet new folks…family is even better…funny stories to be told by all :o)  We were sitting at the “ruckus” table tonight I’m afraid.  Laughing and joking…we tried to stay quiet…(ahem) we tried.


story       story2

Time to scoot…time always goes by fast when one is having a good time :o)

enjoy your evening friends,