some days…




I am sitting here tonight…in a coffee shop close to my house.  I have only been here one other time, and it was brief.  I am here tonight because I am waiting for a friend who promises to cheer me up.  This cheering up begins with a cup of coffee.


There is a middle aged gentleman sitting next to me.  He also sits…typing away on a computer.  He has hummed along to the music a couple of times now and has realized  that I noticed it.  A quick smile and a tap of the toe has opened up conversation with him.  He has a wallet sitting on the tiny table next to him…along with his coffee.  This wallet is overstuffed and cash is hanging out the edge of it.  I wouldn’t be able to keep that in my pocket either…and now I am thinking of this episode of Seinfeld .

There is an older couple…both with white hair and canes sitting across from me now.  My heart goes out to the gentleman…he has a very juicy cough.  They are a cute couple…sitting quietly together enjoying their coffee.

The gentleman next to me has caught my attention now and asked me what kind of coffee I am drinking?  “Spiced latte”…and yourself?” “ Same, I love this time of year when they come out.” He says with a smile.  “Me too!”  I told him I just blogged about his wallet and he mentioned the Seinfeld episode. I told him I just blogged the link.  How funny…it would seem we think a lot alike (lol)

aaahhhh…my friend is here.

Enjoy your evening friends.