why not?




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Hello friends.  We went camping … my local coffee shop was traded in for a park bench and my computer was traded in for a note pad and pen.

I still found myself sitting with my coffee each morning…watching and listening to all the hustle and bustle going on around me.

Most campers that were up at this time were like me, and probably up at the crack of dawn to walk their dog.  (it seems to me that almost every campsite has one.)          

I am now sitting, quietly drinking coffee, and enjoying the smell of bacon being cooked on a camp stove with a beautiful view of a lake.  I can hear the laughter of a young one…playing with her father.  Her little voice reminds me of my own daughter’s voice and I am laughing at the innocent questions she has been asking him for the last twenty mins…and I am noticing that he is answering them…but seems to be patiently waiting for his morning coffee to finish brewing.

Another gentleman just walked past me on his way to the boat launch.  He too is nursing a coffee from a coffee mug and now I am noticing that many of my fellow campers are doing the same.  I guess one doesn’t need to be sitting in a coffee shop after all…to notice the unity…. that is…a cup of coffee.

Enjoy your day…no matter how many cups of coffee it may hold.