Oh, dear friend…



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I opened the door and stepped inside…"Oh dear friend…It’s been too long.” 

I am back to my schedule…well sort of?  All this to say, I am once again left waiting. What do I do while waiting?  Find the nearest coffee shop.(duh)  I was left waiting for my son who was testing today.  With not enough time to run all the way home,  I was off to find someplace I have never been before…I found this coffee shop not too far down the lane…I didn’t realize how much I have missed sitting and watching and sipping my golden goodness.  Like seeing a dear old friend one hasn’t seen for a long time, I found… happy.

This place is packed.  So packed in fact, that I shared a spot at the window right next to the door.  The woman sitting next to me had on a fabulous hat.  “I love your hat…” I said to her as she took her seat.  I arrived to the seats first, so she was the one who asked if she could join me.  I was thankful for that.  My communication skills are lacking, but when a compliment is due…I give it.

The computer count today was 5…but almost everyone else was on some kind of i –phone.   Those are little computers in and of themselves if you ask me.  There was one kindle too.  A man was reading, and drinking coffee, size…large.

The woman next to be was laughing out loud at something she has just seen out the window…two men, walking and talking together, had just run into someone they knew.  They were squealing, like school girls. It was comical. (I think one of them was wearing penny loafers…do people really still wear pennies in their penny loafers?)

I used to do that…with the pennies ((ahem))

A woman and her friend just left.  Their table was empty for almost two, count em’, two seconds before someone swooped in and took their spot.  I told you… it was busy.

The “gleeful” men from outside have now come in.  They ordered their drinks with whip on the outside…and one giggled as the other got some on his nose…(good grief, now I didn’t see that one coming?)  They are now “on the hunt” for a spot to sit.  There are three stools here where I am so I think I will give them my spot.

Time to scoot anyway…until next time friends.

Enjoy your day.