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Today I am here again…waiting for my son who is testing…and he is doing  quite well I might add :o)

As if I thought this little coffee shop was crowded last time…It is standing room only now…and yes,  people are actually standing!

A happy mix of young and old…in fact when I first arrived an older gentleman, who had a cane, was seated behind me.  I found a seat at a very small,

tall table in a little nook next to him.  I noticed he was bending to see what I was up to with my computer…I was using the web cam on my computer today to take the '

pics…and he found himself in one of the shots…he stopped looking so intently after that (lol) (and no…I didn’t use it.)


A woman, who talks with a very loud voice, seated herself at a table that already had someone seated at it…”May I join you” she said as she was sitting down…”uh, ok?” was his answer…but I don’t really think she gave him an option seein’- as- though she was already seated before he answered her?  That’s when it happened… she did what is one of my biggest fears…she began a conversation…ugh!  I made eye contact with him then…he was not looking at her…he was too busy rolling his eyes.  I smiled.  He did too.  Just then her phone rang…she answered it…he joined my table…which was fine by me. “ Nice to meet you…” I said. “Thank you” he said back.  I then went back to work on my typing…he sat quietly, which is why I think he was here in the first place.


There is a young teenaged girl sitting in the corner.  She is sitting all curled up in her chair.  She is on her i-pod.  She is smiling.  I am wondering what she is looking at?  

A group of women…they must be related because they all look alike.  They just took the table behind me.  They all talk very quiet…soft spoken…they are sitting next to the “loud talker” and I am left to wonder if they can hear what each other are saying. 

I am seated right across from the “goody display” and it is doing me “no good.”  mmmmmmm banana bread is calling me…but I will not listen.

“No Mr. Banana bread…no!”


Lot’s of “grande latté's being ordered today…it’s only Wednesday…and shortly after 2::pm.  Seems a little early for such a pick me up…I have found in my coffee shop travels, that grande drinks are usually ordered in the morning or around 4:00 pm.  Or so I thought?  Must be wrong about that.


The young girl, sitting in the corner, is now yawning.  Have you ever noticed that?…it seems to me that girls her age seem to be extremely board with life…because they seem to always be yawning???


The barista is complaining about her machine not working…but I have been watching her now for quite some time…it seems to be working fine…she just doesn’t have the hang of it yet and is falling behind….she has now started saying with every order “ it’s a valentine’s day miracle” as she puts each drink on the counter…which isn’t a miracle at all and it is expected that when one orders and pays for a drink that their drink  would be done to order??? or am I wrong about that too???  Who knows, maybe it is a miracle that this barista is capable of doing her job??? (I’m just sayin’?)


It’s time for me to scoot…chat later friends.

Enjoy your day.