here here…




Good morning.  I am here a bit earlier than usual today.  I had parked on the wrong block and ended up at a different coffee shop today? Which is usually ok …but I didn’t stay.  Didn’t like it there…not sure why?  So I just walked down the block until I found this space.  It just goes to show that not all coffee shops are alike.  This one is packed for a reason…and that is why I came back here.

I stood in line.  While ordering one of the mumford and sons songs came over the speakers…I guess I was “tapping my toe and bobbin my head” because the woman behind me, while I was adding cream to my coffee, mentioned “I love them too…yes I saw you, bobbin your head and singin’ along”  “you’re a good singer” WAIT, I was singing?? out loud???…ugh! gotta love those mumford and sons….sheesh!  “thank you” I said, I liked them before they were so famous…there is just something about them…”    She agreed…but I know I was blushing.  (I had no idea I was singing out loud…sheesh! .(blush blush)

After finding a spot, the same spot at yesterday actually, a group of men in suits came rushing in to the  table behind me…there was a man sitting there, it was his birthday. “Here here”, they said “we have a birthday” then  they all broke into song…”happy birthday to you”…..I did not sing along…not out loud anyways…but I was singing in my head…and I was singing “parts.”…………  Now he was blushing and they all left as fast as they arrived.

There is a different barista today…although the one who was on the “making” machine yesterday, today she was  fetching doughnuts…the gentleman who is running the machine today is having no trouble with it, and although there is a very long line….it is due to a  pure “volume” of people and not because the machine is “not working”…..he is breezing through the orders and everyone is happy.  He looks like someone who would work in a coffee shop…young, collage age, dark hair…swept  to the side and glasses.  A bit scruffy and unshaven, but it looks like it’s on purpose and not because he is lazy.  He is very friendly and has a welcoming smile.


Well friends, my time has gone by so fast today…it is time for me to scoot.

Enjoy your day…