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On Valentine’s day I had taken some photos of the kids for an extra special gift.  But, oh dear…our internet service was out at the house…so my daughter and I ran to the local coffee shop to upload some photos.  Our photos were downloaded onto the computer…but as I began to edit them I realized that I had forgotten the power cord and wouldn’t you know it…my poor little trusty laptop was running out of juice.  Grrrrr and Arg!  


Now one would just run back to the house and get the cord right…right.  But we were not the only ones with the idea to spend part of Valentine’s day sipping coffee.  This coffee shop was PACKED!  In fear of loosing the table with the handy wall plug…I left my daughter to save the spot while I ran home.  So she was left in my spot to “people watch” and sit  scanning on her i-pod while I was away.  I thought it was going to be just a quick trip back to the house…but oh no!  Stopping for a train, and then getting stuck behind a school bus, left her sitting for a bit longer than expected…Needless to say…she was so happy when I returned :o)

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On this day…there were many couples.  But there were many young ones too.  Two collage aged kids sitting at the table next to us were full of energy but also full of complaints of how their day was going…and one gentleman was very vocal about it.  Due to the fact that he had a loud voice, we all got to hear about it.  I guess, even on Valentine’s Day, one is free to have a bad day.

The table behind them was a group of ladies with their kids…one of whom  in had a child in a wheelchair.  It was a boy…he seemed happy to be there…and had a real fascination to the whip cream on his “special drink.” 

There was a woman who sat next to them…she sat doing business on her cell phone, which seemed to ring off the hook.  Her tone of voice (which was a bit loud I might add) left us all feeling that business what not going well for her.  My daughter was asked if she could plug in her computer in our plug…”sure” she answered.  My daughter then moved the table over so the woman could plug in her own cord…it left me thinking…if it were you…would you move the table like she did?  Or would you plug in to for them??

Later, we kind of regretted it though because she then watched videos on her computer…with no headphones…so we all had the pleasure of hearing what she wanted to watch…and she had it turned up louder than the music playing over the speakers of the coffee shop?  Which left everyone else talking very loud to be heard over it.  As the noise in the coffee shop got louder and louder…we decided it was time to scoot.  I did get my “gift photos” done and sent off.


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Enjoy your day everyone…and Happy Valentine’s Day.