Afternoon delight










Another afternoon, another opportunity to have a cup off coffee, bring out the watercolors and do some good ol’ people watching.

On this day, Zana and I, who were busy chatting away while drinking our coffee’s,were surprised by a woman who came to

close the little glass door to the window seat area we were sitting in. (Ahem.)

I immediately remembered the ladies who were talking so loudly the last time we were in this coffee shop. 

I am not sure if we were talking too loudly or not…

but we did notice that the woman was trying to read a book right outside the door so we giggled as quiet as

possible after that :o)   The woman came back to us later to see how our paintings were coming along.

She was nice.  Thank goodness.

  I have met quite a few people who would have handled that situation much differently.

Some people insist on giving the stink eye etc, after taking the time to make sure you realize how much you were bothering them.

I was thankful she was not one of “those people.” 


There were many young people in the coffee shop today.  The gentleman who was making our coffee’s  was a

treasure and made a darn good cup of coffee.  I wondered if the coffee shop was so busy because he was so good at

his job.  We gave a good tip that day…real good.  We secretly hope we will come across him in the future. (oh, yes)

My coffee has hit bottom.  Time to scoot.