Water colors and a cup of coffee.


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One of my new hobbies has been water color painting.

I put together a little kit to travel with so now I can sit in my favorite coffee shops and paint while sipping away on my coffee. 

I still find myself people watching though. 

On this day…  many people have come in and out. Some have come to sit for a bit.

There is a quite murmur of happy and satisfied sounding people around us.

This makes for a nice water color painting environment.  Today I am just painting simple colorful balls tied together with string.

Zana is sipping on her coffee and chit chatting away, as usual, and although I am listening to what she is saying,

I find myself focusing more on the sing songy tone she uses as she speaks.  It’s sweet.

I have hit the bottom of my cup.

Enjoy your day friends.