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Today, I was joined by my daughter, Zana.   As we were sitting and sipping our coffee, an older gentleman sat at the table outside our window seat.  At first he spent most of his time reading.  But towards the end of his visit he took out a little book and was drawing pictures.  After a while he left.  There were then two women sitting just outside our window seat.  I think one may have been a bit hard of hearing because she and her friend were talking very loudly.

Zana and I sat and visited and tried our hardest not to listen to what the two women were talking about.  As I sat…I noticed that they  were not really in “conversation” together…one was talking and the other was listening.  I don’t remember hearing much from the other woman at all?  It made me listen extra hard to what Zana was talking about.  It reminded me of the importance of listening as well as talking.

Zana and I were looking out our window at the passers by.  We noticed a young man carrying something quite large.  He visited several shops all the way down the block.  A short time later, he stepped in to the coffee shop.  He was an artist and was dropping off a new picture to post on the wall.  The wall was lined with local artists art.  He was one of them and he did not have the painting as he left.  I will try to remember to see if his painting was hung the next time I am in.

Today we only drank 3 coffees.  They were, as usual, yummy.

Time to scoot.