Newness and “hello”










Hello.  I have been inspired to catch up on all my projects as of late.

  I have decided. I want visit some of the new coffee shops in the area.   They seem to be popping up all around town.  Love that.

It doesn’t hurt that my daughter loves coffee just as much as I do and always seems to have a project that is in need of doing in a quiet coffee shop setting.  I love that too.


The place we are at today is real close to our house.  It is a small bakery but as we were sitting here we have noticed how busy they are.

It’s nice to see. 

With their tall tables and free internet (with no need for a password) it is a nice place to hang out…come to think of it…their only downfall is their hours.


They close at three.  In my opinion, it would be a nice place to visit in the A.M.  and the freshly made doughnuts and cookies at that time would make it extra nice.


There are at the moment, two women who are having lunch together.  It looks like a woman and her mother.

I can’t help to think of my mother, she had a thing for bakery

goodies and that is probably where I get it.  I am thrilled to have my daughter join me…keeping the generation moving forward. (I love that too.)

There is a young lady eating a sandwich.  She, like Zana, is reading a book and keeping notes in a journal.  I am not sure if it is for work or pleasure.

There is also a man who is sitting by the window.  He is on a computer.  I am trying not to covet his said computer…a laptop that would probably work at a much

faster speed than mine.  Mine has slowed down and It has become bothersome. (humf and sigh)


Well friends,  I have run out of coffee…it is time to scoot. 

Enjoy your day…